SBTD – Surveillance Biometric Tracking Device


Surveillance Biometric Tracking Device, LLC. (“SBTD”) is an exciting start-up company offering technology that enables tracking, monitoring and locating missing people such as children and elderly (including Alzheimer’s patients) – a vital security measure for families, nursing homes, daycares and healthcare facilities.
SBTD’s origins date back to an unsettling incident in SBTD’s CEO Lisa Smoak’s childhood, when her two-year-old brother Ali was kidnapped. Smoak launched SBTD’ with a mission to become the leading manufacturer of Family Locator Devices.

As an emerging startup, SBTD’s online marketing is impressive, with presence across Facebook, Twitter, websites (,, WordPress), Tumbler, and Pinterest, all filled with engaging, fresh and relevant content.

SBTD has been successfully leveraging Wannabiz – the leading small business marketing app – to boost the business with professional marketing. With over 1000 marketing activities completed with Wannabiz to date, and an average daily use of the app for 3.5 years, SBTD professionally services an online community of hundreds of followers.