Brought to life by certified Health Coaches Christine and Paul Hanson, Trimfeast offers high-quality medically formulated meal replacements, combined with free coaching support to help clients lose weight and maintain long term health.


Realizing that life is best lived with vitality, Christine and Paul decided to make Health Coaching their mission. Having discovered first hand some of the negative effects of poor health, driven by an improper diet, poor sleep habits, and the resulting, inevitable weight gain, Christine and Paul set course to help others navigate the journey to optimal health.

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Apart from successfully and passionately coaching clients, Christine and Paul have been promoting their business on their own since its inception, driving growth through effective marketing. Trimfeast’s online marketing is impressive, including presence across Facebook, Twitter, websites (,,,  Instagram, engaging and relevant content and positive reviews.

Trimfeast has been successfully leveraging Wannabiz – the leading small business marketing app – to boost the business with professional marketing. With over 500 marketing activities completed with Wannabiz to date, and an average daily use of the app for more than a year, Trimfeast enjoys a vibrant and fresh online presence serving a community of hundreds of followers.